Swimming Lessons Pricing

  • Baby Lessons

    £38 per month

    30 minutes – *Parents come in the water with the baby and enjoy the experience with them

  • Group Lessons

    £35 per month

    30 minutes – 3 children to one Teacher or 6 children to 2 teachers per class . Lowest ratio in region – 3-1

  • Pre-Competition

    £35 per month

    1 hour

  • 1 to 1 Lessons

    £67 per month

    30 minutes

  • 2 to 1 Lessons

    £98 per month (£49 per person)

    30 minutes

  • Adult Lessons

    £35 per month

    1 hour

Payment Policy

Swim City lessons go with the school term timetable. Lessons are on through term time (39 weeks) and off in the holidays. Swim City do offer camps in most holidays if wanted, this comes at an extra cost. Lessons are paid for monthly and at the same cost no matter how many lessons you have within the month. This is because we have added the full years lesson cost up and divided into 12. Some months you will get more lessons and some you will get less but works out over the year. 

Booking – When booking with Swim City, customers have to make payment prior to the lesson start day, to secure their space. Payment has to be made at the time of booking or within 48 hours or child will be removed from lessons. You will pay for 2 months upfront and then one month in advance moving forward. 

For example if you signed up to start in January, you would pay for January and February. Then on the first of February you would pay for March and so on moving forward .

Future payments – 7 days before the end of each month each swimmer will receive a payment reminder. On the first of every month payment will be taken by direct debit if set up or you can pay by card, cash or BACS. If payment is late more than 3 days or bounces there will be a £2 late fee enforced. If you don’t pay by the 7th of each month your slot will come available to others for the following month.

Leaving or changing lesson type – If you ever want to change lesson type (example group to 1-1) or leave, all you have to do is give us one months notice to change or cancel your direct debit. If you want to leave before this you will not be refunded for that month.

Refund / Catch up lesson policy

Cancelling before you start – If after booking and paying you wish to cancel lessons you have up to 48 hours before first lesson start date to cancel and receive a full refund. After this point there will be no refund given for that month.

We cancel – If there is a cancelled lesson due to us for example staff illness and pool issues you will be credited the price of the individual lesson onto the next months payment. You don’t need to do anything for this.

You cancel or miss lesson – If you cannot make a lesson or cancel/don’t turn up to a lesson for any reason we do offer a catch up lesson policy. This is not guaranteed and is subject to spaces being available. Please don’t assume that there will be available lessons for Catch up. Catch ups have to be used within 1 month of the missed lesson. You are not credited or refunded if you miss/don’t come to the lesson. 

Serious Injury or illness – If a customer becomes seriously ill or has a serious injury and will not be able to attend lessons for a period of time (4 weeks plus), the next month paid for will be credited until the customer can return.

Payment Methods

Initial Payment by Card

Once you have booked up to lessons, your initial payment will be taken by card over the phone or through our online system. The initial payment is for 2 months up front followed by monthly payments.

Direct Debit

On the first of every month your payment will be taken. Please look at our payment page for monthly prices. If you ever want to change lesson type or leave, all you have to do is give us one months notice to change or cancel your direct debit.

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