Baby Swimming Lessons

Swim City’s baby program is designed for babies from 6 weeks old to 2.5/3 years. Our aim is to make little ones as water confident as possible whilst teaching them life saving and valuable swimming skills in the pool. Our baby instructors have vast experience in the field of baby swimming. The programme was developed alongside skills from the British and Australian Swimming associations to give your child the best in-water experience possible.

Within our fun filled lessons, you can expect to sing songs, splash around, learn early stages of swimming skills and have plenty of underwater swims all alongside parents and instructor who are there to enjoy the session. We want to give your baby and child the best start to our learn to swim programme, and unlike other swim schools we work to your child’s development and won’t hold them back if they are ready to be unaided within a lesson they can be moved as soon as they are ready to, giving them more room for development and expansion.

To book or enquire about a trial, please drop us a email where our friendly staff will assist you.

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