Strength & Conditioning Sessions

Swim City Elite S&C is here to make you the best athlete you can be. Increased performance for your chosen sport/s or for everyday life activities. Teaching all the foundations of perfect movement and its application. Increase strength and movement efficiency, improve balance, coordination and combat risk of injury. All this regardless of age and ability.
All sessions are fun and made so everyone can participate.

Group Session Times

  • 4.30-5.30pm Monday Outdoor session
  • Email and ask for more details


  • £25 per person each month

What our clients think of our lessons

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Adam Maddison – S&C Coach

  • Over 10 Years Coaching Experience
  • Melbourne Vicentre Coach 2010
  • National Coach of the Year VAUK 2016
  • Back & Knee Rehab Specialist

I’m a father and husband to two amazing ladies. I’ve worked and gained a wealth of experience in Melbourne (Aus), London and here in the North East. With all my experience from the very best athletes to the most serious rehabilitation clients it all comes down to two things.

Do you enjoy what your doing? Does it challenge you enough to make you better tomorrow? If you answer yes, regardless of your level, you will stick to it and not only achieve your goal but beyond!

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