Group & Pre-Competitive Stage Lessons

In our group lessons, there is a maximum of 3 children to one teacher or 6 children to 2 teachers per class (3-1 ratio). Each lesson is designed by Jonny himself to get the best out of your children. Each lesson lasts 30 minutes or 60 minutes in higher stages. We incorporate learning and fun into each lesson, so your child improves but enjoys swimming to ensure they stay in the sport well into the future.

Group Lessons

Stage 1

This is for children who have no previous water experience and are trying to help their confidence grow. This stage is suitable for children aged 3 and above. Your child will have fun, engaging in games while learning basic movements.

Stage 2

Within this stage your child will be taught to swim more independently on their front and back over distances of 5 meters and 10 metres with aid. An increased amount of correct leg kick will be expected in order to pass (correct swimming position) which will be taught within this stage.

Stage 3

All additional strokes will be introduced to the child so they have a greater understanding of the 4 key strokes. The correct swimming position and breathing position on front crawl will be worked on within this stage. The distance children swim in the water will increase up to 10 metres independently on both front and back. Breaststroke and Butterfly leg kick will be introduced.

Stage 4

Within stage 4, the quality of the stroke is taught, allowing the child to swim more efficiently. Both kicking and arm strokes will be put together to allow the stroke to work better as a whole. Within this stage we would expect to see an increase in the child’s confidence and distance of 25 metres on Front Crawl and Backstroke and 5m on Butterfly and Breaststroke to be swam frequently and more efficiently.

Stage 5

The technique of all four strokes will be developed to a higher standard within this stage as children will have the confidence to develop these effectively. Additional water skills will also be developed. This includes water safety skills such as learning to tread water and using sculling in a range of ways. All four strokes and skills will need to be at a given standard in order to pass this stage.

Stage 6

Developing the skills taught within stage five and refining the standard of the child’s breathing within the strokes is key within this stage. Increased distances with basic warm ups and cool downs will also be added. Perfecting diving technique from the basic dive in stage 5 will also be worked on. Other race skills such as push offs and tumble turns will be refined.

Stage 7

Your child can join one of our 1 hour classes at this stage. Race skills, club standard technique will be worked on. Stamina over the 60 minutes will also be worked on, first on body position kick then swimming strokes. You will also perform a life saving lesson in clothes within this stage.

Stage 8

This stage is the last stage of the learn to swim pathway. Within this stage, perfecting all strokes, turns and dives will be key. This will allow children to develop well within the pre competition groups. Longer distances and less rest will be given to make a confident strong swimmer.

Pre-Competitve Lessons

Stage 9 & 10

This session will be 60 or 90 minutes in length which will allow the children to complete a full session of warm up, main set and cool down. Changes within speeds, sets and distances will be changed on a weekly basis in order to allow your child and yourselves to choose the path you would like to take after the learn to swim journey has ended. Children will be shown how to swim effectively with starts and finishes added into the programme. Your child would have options to join Team Swim City or go onto a competitive club also at this point.

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