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17th June 2022

This year at Swim City we are offering a huge summer program. This has been designed for everyone in mind, from Open water swim session to Safety week before you head on your holidays to Ice Kids Mental Health sea dips. Look below for all details on all of our activities.

Open Water sessions

Day – Monday

Time – 5-5.30pm -5.30-6pm

Venue – Roker beach, Inside the harbour

Start and End date – 27th June to 25th July 2022 (5 week program)

This will be for Stage 5 and above, we will have two groups one for younger swimmers and one for older. The full program is £50 for the full 5 weeks. You need a wetsuit for these lessons.


ICE KIDS Mental Health splashes

Day – Sunday

Time – 10am

Venue – Roker beach, Inside the harbour

Start and End date – 26th June to 28th August 2022 ( 9 week program)

This is a family splash in the sea, not a swim session. This is totally free of charge and is not a lifeguarded or programmed session. It’s just drop in, parents are in charge of their own Childs safety. 


Outdoor Gym sessions

Day – Monday

Time – 4.30-5.30pm

Venue – Next To White Lighthouse Roker

Start and End date – Every week

This will be for children aged 5 and above.


Water Safety Week

This will be at your normal swimming lessons that week. We will be going through lots of water safety skills like floats, swimming in clothes and helping someone in trouble. Below is what you will need to bring with you.

  • Children to wear PJ’S with costume underneath, please wear clothing what you are not afraid to be ruined as chlorine can stretch/bleach clothes.


Summer Swimming sessions

Day – Monday – Tuesday – Wednesday

Time – 9 till 11am (Either 1 hour slots in camp or 30 minute slots for private lessons)

Venue – CastleView Academy

Start and End date – 25th July to 10th August

Details for CAMP

We are running 3 camps, all what last 3 days for 1 hour each day.
Times 9 -10am or 10 -11am
Venue Castle View Academy
Cost £40 per camp

CAMP 1 25th to 27th July
CAMP 2 1st to 3rd August
CAMP 3 8th to10th August

Details for Private

Private lessons are 30 Minutes
Times 9, 9.30,10 or 10.30am
Venue Castle View Academy
Cost £20 per lesson

Week 1 25th, 26th, 27th July
Week 2 1st, 2nd, 3rd August
Week 3 8th, 9th, 10th August


To book on any off these Please Email INFO@SWIMCITYGB.CO.UK OR PHONE 07590190031 IN OFFICE TIMES




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