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3rd September 2021

Dear Parents / Guardians, 

Please read all as there is some very important information on lessons. Well it’s that time again when we say bye to the Summer holidays and back to school and activities next week, when we will be back starting from the 6th September. We hope you have had an amazing summer and are looking forward to returning to swimming lessons. Below are the protocols for each pool for next week and how they will slightly change over the term. We are trying to make sure lessons are still safe and everyone feels comfortable but also start the relaxation of measures, hopefully getting back to total normal soon. This relaxation is going to be gradual and we will keep track of how things are going and also your feedback as we go through this term. 

For all venues

We are sticking to the 3 children to 1 teacher ratios this term. The only slight difference is we have pushed a lot of classes together where there will be 6 children to 2 teachers. You might be thinking why… We have looked at what the predictions are over the winter, with the government predicting Cold, Flu and sickness bugs to be higher than normal due to people not mixing over the last two years as much as normal. With 6-2 ratio if we have a staff member off, we will at least be able to have the lesson go ahead, where as with 3-1 we would have to cancel as we don’t have major cover. The children will still get the same done, if anything will get more done in each lesson. We have hired more staff for extra cover and to prepare for other venues opening so in some cases you may even get an extra teacher in the class and have 6-3 ratio.

We also are still asking Parents to keep wearing masks and keep washing hands in the centres if possible, most of our pools are schools and we want to keep you as safe a possible as well, as not risking us being a cause for a school to have an outbreak. We appreciate your help on this. 

Please look below for venue specific protocols. Please read. 

CastleView Academy

 For the first term, until October half term the school have decided they are not changing protocols. So unfortunately parents won’t be allowed on poolside. We will keep asking questions every couple of weeks but I think the school are wanting to see how it goes when children are back with COVID. This means we will follow the same guidance as July with the one way system – going through side door and out of the changing rooms, bringing children ready to swim, we do have small changing rooms on the side what can be used if this isn’t possible and then entering at the side of the pool and exiting through the changing rooms. The showers can now be used also. As said above Parents will not be allowed on poolside for the first term. 

Thornhill Academy

Week 1 and 2 – for the first 2 weeks we will be following the same guidance as before, this means the one way system, bringing children ready to swim, then entering at the side of the pool and exiting through the changing rooms. The showers can now be used. Parents will not be allowed on poolside just for the first two weeks. 

Week 3 onwards – Protocols will be the same except that we will now allow 50% of parents on poolside. We will alternate this each week so you get to view the lesson every two weeks. The poolside is not very large so spacing everyone would be very difficult and not safe. Only one parent per family can view the lesson each time. This is a great step forward and hopefully after October half term we can allow everyone onto poolside every week. 

Farringdon Academy

Week 1 to 5 – for the first 5 weeks we will be following the same guidance as before, this means we will be going through changing rooms onto poolside and then after swimming going back through changing rooms getting changed and heading home. Please if possible bringing children ready to swim. Parents will not be allowed on poolside as this is very small space but read below for when you can.

Week 6 – 7 onwards – Protocols will be the same except that we will allow 50% of  parents on poolside each week to view progress of children. The poolside at Farringdon is tiny so we are trying to limit this as much as possible, masks will have to be worn at all times. Only one parent can view the lesson also.

Everlast Gym 

There will be a staff member to greet you on week one and direct you in the right direction. You will get changed in the changing village and then just wait there a staff member will call you when lessons are ready to go. Parents can not view lessons as their is no seating or space on poolside for this,2 minutes before the end of the lesson you can come to entrance to pool and collect children. We will then call the next class. Parent’s can wait in changing rooms for children or grab a coffee at the front of the centre. Please make sure you are there to pick up your children on time as this can have major effect on how lessons run.

We hope you can see that this is the first step to normality and if we can change it faster we will do. But also remember all of this subject to change and like everything we might have to in force more safety protocols if we are advised to do so. All of this info will be on the swim city website on the news section. If you have any problems with anything above please give us an email and we will get back to you ASAP.

We can’t wait to see you, Thanks, 


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